Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pretty Polka Dot Pumpkin

It’s almost time for Halloween and that means it’s time to think about Halloween decorations, right? I got this big craft pumpkin from Michaels and spent a little time dressing it up to display on my dining room table. It will sit right underneath the big hole in the ceiling caused by a leaky bathroom pipe—I’m hoping its sparkle and shine might be enough to distract people from looking up at the mess above it. . .

I started out by painting the pumpkin with a combination of several pearlized and metallic paints from Martha Stewart's line of craft paints. The dominant shade ended up being a pretty metallic copper.

Once the paint dried, I adhered some big double sided glue dots randomly around the pumpkin. If you don’t have big glue dots, you can use adhesive sheets, like ScorTape or sheets of redline tape, and punch or die cut circle shapes from the adhesive sheet to get the same effect--that's what I ended up doing here. I peeled off the protective coverings, then sprinkled a darker brown glitter over the glue dots, burnishing the glitter into the adhesive dots as best I could to minimize extraneous glitter from falling off the dots. I used a dry paintbrush to wipe away any glitter left on the pumpkin's surface, too.  While she has a sparkling personality, I don’t want my Chloe the cutie puppy to actually sparkle from any stray glitter she picks up! To finish it off, I tied a big bow made from a matching glittered ribbon around the pumpkin’s stem.  So pretty!

Materials Used: 
Large craft pumpkin, brown glittered ribbon, Martha Stewart Mother of Pearl and Duckling pearl craft paints, Auburn Copper metallic craft paint, and Brownstone glitter  (Michaels)

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